About Us

Fresco Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.

Fresco Engineering was established in Sri Lanka with the view of providing fully integrated and engineered electro-mechanical solutions to the rapidly growing construction industry. We strive to deliver innovative, high quality life cycle solutions to our valuable clienteleby harnessing our collective experience and proven expertise. We aim to create long-lasting customer partnerships and work with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success. We address specific customer challenges by exploiting our in house engineering expertise in creating efficient and cost-effective solutions for the most challenging environments both local and overseas. Our success lies in our ability to team with leading local and global players and with our supply chain to ensure an effective delivery. Fresco is backed by a strong and dynamic team of highly skilled designers, engineers and consultants and a well-equipped service facility to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest standards. Our services are committed to productive efficiency coupled with quality assurance, workplace health and safety and protection of the environment.
We empower our team to a culture of engineering excellence with a commitment to deliver our client’s expectations.
  • Capability to deliver complex projects using industry's best practices most advanced engineering systems, and project planning techniques.
  • A dedicated maintenance team and call-out facilities management services to optimize the efficiency and to prolong plant life of building services installations.
  • The highest professional standards of workmanship and the use of highly skilled craftsman to improve installation methods and on-site performance.
  • A well structured, speed and efficient logistic system to ensure swift delivery of spare parts.
  • An in-house manufacturing facility to fabricate GI and Pre-Insulated Ducts for Air Distribution Systems and structural components.
  • Exceptionally high levels of collaboration and team work, delivering a smoother working process.
  • Value-engineered solutions to provide customers with cost efficient, enduring and resilient buildings.
  • Latest computer aided design, drafting and system development tools, guarantee the successful completion of any multifaceted engineering projects.

Our Vision

To be a recognized performance leader in engineering solutions.

Our Mission

Fresco strives to generate a loyal client base by delivering world-class engineering solutions and to build robust client loyalty by creating complete integration with client-driven alliances.